Other Updates


SO, I have finally added two backdated posts for August:


We also have a “Buy me a Coffee” button at the bottom of the page, which directs to our brand new ko-fi.com page, where interested persons can send us tips or donations via credit/debit or PayPal!  Of course, if interested persons already have PayPal, they can always send us tips or donations directly through PayPal to our email, 7serendipities at gmail dot com.

We do most of our reiki business through PayPal already, and although I normally direct people who want divination, jewelry, or spellwork to our Etsy shop, I’m more than happy to do direct sales through PayPal (or Ko-Fi) as well, though please email first to discuss pricing!

And hey, with the holidays coming up, if you’re feeling extra generous, we also have an Amazon List.  Buy a deck, and after we get acquainted it’ll show up in the Etsy shop! 😉


Hopefully everyone is having a great start to the holiday season, and let us know if there’s anything on your shopping list that we can provide!


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