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Wep Ronpet 2022 and the first Bright Moon of the New Year

This year, I started the Epagomenal days on August 4th, and Wep Ronpet on August 8th, drawing a tarot card for a blessing from each deity on the day of their birth for the Epagomenal days, and then two cards for an omen for the new year from all the Netjeri on the 8th. Here below are the omens I received, in order:

Message from Wesir: The Knave of Swords

This card depicts the Scribe of Ma’at: make sure your actions are on the side of righteousness in the coming year, that you are contributing to order and justice and not to their destruction.

Message from Heru-Wer: Six of Swords

This card depicts the Ship of the Dead, and Heru-Wer reminds us to be careful and prepared as we voyage into the new year, but not fearful. Preparations will help you overcome the obstacles you’ll find along the way, but the journey you are taking is necessary.

Message from Set: Two of Pentacles

This card depicts the Power of Djehuty (Thoth): the process that returns us to ma’at, to right order. You may be juggling things in the next year, but with careful attention you will be able to prioritize and manage everything well.

Message from Aset: Ace of Wands

This card depicts the Sceptre of Horus, representing new enterprises and undertakings, and creative, initiatory energies. In the new year, Aset will help us with the new beginnings we each seek.

Message from Nebthet: Queen of Chalices

This card depicts the Lady of Life, and represents her wisdom, generosity, and hospitality. Nebthet’s blessing for the coming year is intuitive wisdom, and compassionate guidance, so that we can care for ourselves and those around us.

Omen for the New Year:

The King of Wands depicts the Lord of Fertility, who leads with great vision. The Knave depicts Horus’s Messenger, who brings promise of successful new ventures. In the New Year, we will be given the blessings of the Netjeru for abundance in our lives, as we work to bring our plans to fruition.

A positive omen for a prosperous year!

The first full moon following Wep Ronpet is my renewal day, for my contract with Bast and Sekhmet. This year that contract renewal conversation was slightly delayed as I was out of town visiting family, but I went to go see them today, to ask about this coming year. In the years previous, it hasn’t really been a question that I’d continue to do monthly Bright Moon rituals, the negotiations mostly covered minutia and what else I was required to do, but this year going in I didn’t feel so sure.

And now, having returned to the waking world, I have to announce that I’ll no longer be doing the ritual every month.

I did it every month (or as close to that as possible, because of illness etc) for five years – this coming year, I’ll do the ritual only as needed, when they ask me to. I’ll still do my own shrine offerings every Bright Moon, and I’ll do heka for myself and others (up to 4 free for others a month, as before), but I won’t do the oracular ritual unless there is a need for it. I’m not sure yet what that will look like, but I expect it will become clear to me as I go.

Instead, they want me to focus more on the liturgy I’ve been developing for the holidays I celebrate, and really dedicating more time to that, to complete it, so that I can share it with others. I expect once that is complete, we may be parting ways altogether. It’s bittersweet, this first foreshadowing of the ending of our time working together, and I didn’t really expect it.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me along the way; it’s been a pleasure to take this journey with you all.


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