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Grand Healing Ceremony

Earlier this month, Glasreo and I had the opportunity to work as healers at Monika Healing Coyote’s Grand Healing Ceremony.  It was the first time we’d worked that sort of ritual, and the most clients we’d worked on in a single day (except for brief work at reiki shares) and though we were somewhat nervous about how much we’d be able to do before we got tapped out, we both managed to work on 3/4 of the attendees before we needed to stop.

For privacy reasons we obviously can’t tell what we all did, but we can give an overview and some general themes.  Most of the attendees didn’t have specific things they wanted worked on, but I ended up doing deep healing work (and some soul retrieval) on just about everyone she worked on, even when the requests were vague. Glasreo found that his new lithomancy set was needed to work through blockages for some people, giving them answers that hadn’t been made clear by other forms of divination.  Both of us found ourselves holding part of the warding for the space in which we worked, and my Waystation energies in particular seemed (to Monika, at least) to be helping the healers work longer more effectively!

It was a nice plunge back into healing work, and we will definitely be working the next one (schedules permitting) so watch for it some time in the winter months!


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