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Our Samhain, and a new kind of Spellwork

We ended up spending Samhain with friends, and took part in a small group ritual, which nearly got rained out.  It was still good to reconnect, though, and Baby was very entranced by the bonfire (though I took him inside as it started to rain).  We burnt offerings of whiskey, acorns, and a cinnamon broom, and then huddled inside enjoying a potluck meal.  I had meant to bless the crochet granny square I’d made at the request of the Morrigna, but alas by the time I was done feeding baby it was raining too hard and the fire was practically doused.  Ah, well.  It seems that wasn’t necessary.

The granny square itself turned out rather well, I think:

20171113_131210It’s a sort of a knot spell, woven with intent.  My role in my work with the Morrigna and their (her, for those who use the singular Morrigan) other devotees is akin to that of a battle medic – I’m playing support to the warriors, those fighting the good fight.  But there’s been a bit of divisiveness in the ranks as of late, and we need to align ourselves if we’re going to achieve the Morrigna’s goals (or so they tell me).  To that end, I was told to weave us together – all those who have fully committed to the cause, those whom I see growing raven wings from their backs, those whom I know or have met and also those who I have not.  The Morrigna supplied the connection to the individual strands of fate, and I have begun to knit us more tightly together, in rows.  Or, well.  Crochet.  The work is not finished – it is only beginning – but I am, as ever, heart-glad to play my part in all of this.

Knotwork isn’t new to me, but crochet spells in particular are, and I’m really happy how this one turned out, and I’m surprised how easy it was.  I think I’m going to make a few more, starting with a healing charm for a friend.  And if there’s interest, perhaps I’ll start offering them for sale as custom spellwork, too.

What do you think, dear reader?


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