Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 7/23

This is the last full moon before the festival of Wep Ronpet, the Kemetic new year, timed locally by the heliacal rising of the star Sirius over Washington, DC. So the message this time was somewhat about that.

As you prepare for the return of Sopdet, the star that heralds the flooding of the Nile, as you prepare for your celebration of Wep Ronpet, you also must examine your inner tides. Are you aware of the flow of your own emotions, or have you distanced yourself from them? If there is too much distance, you will lose the ability to feel joy as well, and will not be able to truly give yourself over to the New Year’s celebrations. So be brave for the moment, and let yourself feel deeply: the good and the bad.

So – Wep Ronpet! By my calculations for DC (and thus for the local area, or potentially for anyone living in the USA who wants to use the capital city’s date), Sopdet, the star Sirius, will be visible before sunrise on August 9th this year. Working backwards, that gives us the following timeline for the Epagomenal Days:

  • Timeline:
    • Aug 4th: Birth of Wesir (Osiris)
    • Aug 5th: Birth of Heru-Wer (Horus the Elder)
    • Aug 6th: Birth of Set
    • Aug 7th: Birth of Aset (Isis)
    • Aug 8th: Birth of Nebthet (Nephthys)
    • Aug 9th: Wep Ronpet!

I’ll be reblogging my usual votive images and prayers on the Tumblr E-Shrine, so you can follow along there. And I’ll be doing my yearly execration in the evening on August 8th, the night before Wep Ronpet, so if you have anything you’d like to request me to ritually destroy for you, let me know in an email please and I’ll add it to mine. I’ll probably write up a blog about the execration and my Wep Ronpet celebration, but if I manage to launch my new website and blog it will be on that one (though I’ll be sure to leave a link on this one so you can find it! I have a new prayer I’ll be sharing, too.

The next full moon is August 22nd. If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a personal message or heka for August, please email the shrine here. And if you are interested in supporting the shrine, I have a tip jar set up here. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Kemetic Bright Moon 7/23”

  1. A new website? Are you leaving this one behind? Or is it for something else?

    Thank you for this Bright Moon message, as it’s very on point with stuff going on. I’ll be sharing this with my partner as I know it will be something she’ll be interested in reading too.

    I’ll probably stick with the Capitol city’s date for the Kemetic new year as any method I’ve found to calculate it is either far too complicated (I’m terrible at math), or are just completely inaccessible full stop.


    1. I’m going the leave the blog archive here, but I’m relocating from WordPress to squarespace in order to set up an ecommerce platform that will work better for my business model and budget. (whoops that didn’t post correctly the first time!)


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