Celtic Polytheism, Paganism, Prayer

A Funerary Prayer to Lugh

Lugh Samildánach, God with Many Talents,
One of your devotees has ended [his/her/their] earthly cycle.
Borrow again that swift-sailing boat, the coracle Wave-Sweeper,
From your foster-father Manannán Mac Lir.

Bear [name] away in the boat, over the sea to the West,
Where [he/she/they] might rest a while.
Look over [him/her/them], Lugh Lámfada, Warrior of the Long Arm,
And see that no harm comes to [him/her/them] on [his/her/their] journey.

Take our blessings and love with you, 
Across the sea in that swift boat,
To sustain [him/her/them] until [he is / she is / they are] wrapped in the loving arms
Of [his/her/their] Ancestors and Beloved Dead.

This we would ask of you, Lugh, foster-son of Tailtiu,
In whose honor you dedicated the funeral games of Lughnasadh.
We honor [name] now as you honored her,
And we celebrate [his/her/their] memory.

by me, Alexandra Nic Bhe Chuille, 2021

I wrote this prayer for the funeral of a friend-of-a-friend who was a devotee of Lugh. I spoke to Lugh as I wrote it, and then changed words and phrases until we were both satisfied. There aren’t a lot of funerary prayers available online for either Irish Polytheists specifically, or for Pagans generally, and I thought I would share this one for Lughnasadh. Please feel free to use it, with proper attribution.ibution.


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