Bright Moon, Kemetic

Bright Moon Omen 9/3

August was a really rough month for me, so I’m planning on recapping Wep Ronpet for ya’ll, but I’m posting the Bright Moon Omen for this month, first, so that this one isn’t late, too. So, here’s this month’s message from Bast and Sekhmet:

Stand your ground. Do not cede any territory you have won. Keep pushing for even greater reforms, and do not let your passion for this fight die. Where plague still menaces, avoid any unnecessary gatherings. We continue that fight, as well. When its shadow has passed, there will be a time for great celebration. But we still await a tipping point for both battles, before our victory is assured.

The next full moon is October 1st. If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a personal message or heka for October, please email the shrine here. And if you are interested in supporting the shrine, I have a tip jar set up here. Thanks!


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