About Us

“Serendipities” is the name that we have given to the healing and metaphysical practice we hope to establish as a viable small business.  It is also the name of the journey, of how we hope to get there.  This blog will document our movement towards that goal, and will also provide insight into the sorts of goods and services we hope to offer.  We will post what we learn and what we do, and I hope you’ll follow us every step of the way.

Serendipities is run by a husband-wife team!

About Aleja, aka Réaltán Nic Bhé Chuille: Cis female, she/her pronouns.  Mixed Native American (Oneida/Brothertown) and Euro-American ancestry.  Faeborn, cottage witch, experienced tranceworker, spiritworker, and amateur herbalist.  Experienced tarot & oracle card reader.  Reiki Master. Réaltán will be doing most of the blogging here, and on other social media platforms.  (Also sometimes known as: Ginebikokwe, Tuiliel.)

About Scott, aka Glasreo O’Manannán: Cis male, he/him pronouns.  Mostly Euro-American and Jewish ancestry.  Neopagan druid, tranceworker, crystal healer, spiritworker.  Reiki Master.  (Also sometimes known as: Gichi Binesi.)

Please email us to inquire about prices for tarot readings, distance Reiki healing, or meditation help: 7serendipities (AT) gmail (DOT) com


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