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Kemetic Bright Moon 5/16

Last month, I was told to rest, to heal. I’ve been struggling with my health some again, as I often do at the changing of the seasons. This month, I had grand plans for the ritual, using elements that I sometimes add but am not required to use… and as I tried to get ready, I realized I was too faint, too exhausted to manage what I had attempted to plan, so I changed my plans, the ritual but with some elements done from the Temple where I see Them when I meet Them in trance journeys… but when I got there, they embraced me, and I fell asleep instead. When I awoke, I struggled to sit up and reached out in anguish at my failing – and instead, I was told that reaching out to Them was enough. Grasping at Them was enough. Wanting and trying to connect, is enough. And that this, the story of my attempt and my failure, was the message I was to share. Many of us are struggling, right now. We may not have the bandwidth, the energy, the spoons, the spell slots (whatever metaphor you find most apt for your situation) for the workings and rituals we have planned. But – but! What we are doing, is enough. They hear us, They shelter us, They will guide us gently while we rest and heal. If we do not have the reserves to draw upon, we cannot illuminate; and that is okay. That means it is time to rest. And when we are ready for more Work to do, They will be ready for us.

The next full moon is June 14th. If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a personal message or heka working for April, please email the shrine here. And if you are interested in supporting the shrine, I have a tip jar set up here. Thanks!


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