Celtic Polytheism, Paganism

Crow Folks: What will you Keep?

This time, when I went to visit Na Morrigna, they spoke first about the healing ritual I led earlier this month, how necessary it is for those doing battle to stop and be healed, to stop and get clean again. And that will also be necessary, they say, as we move into the phase where we decide what comes next. As movements asking for change gain momentum, those who rose up are asked: but what changes? What will that look like? They gave me visions of imagery, and words to share, almost a poem, inspired by them but still in my own voice. Questions to ask ourselves.

Statues pulled down,
Institutions crumbling,
Foundations uprooted.

What will you save?
What will you keep?

Seeds from a bad harvest,
Planted in better soil,
Trained into new shapes.

What can be fixed?
What can be used?

When the tower has fallen,
When the fires are banked,
When it is time to rebuild:

What will you use?
What will you keep?

Meditate on these questions, fellow Crows. Find your own answers, and then add to the growing discussions in your own communities. Some things are surely beyond repair, beyond saving, but others may be salvaged if they are stripped back far enough, like a house with “good bones”. Make sure you are contemplating the bones of even the largest of institutions: what to destroy, and which to salvage for building materials. The fight goes on, but we need to think about a way forward, as well. Clear goals and objectives to aim for, to focus on.

Be well. May strength, courage, and clarity be yours.


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