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Kemetic Bright Moon Omen 6/8

I was told to wait for the energy of the full moon to settle, this time. I was also given lenience, because I had an online conference I was attending over the weekend. But tonight I did my ritual in my new office. At an actual desk this time and with their actual shrine candles, but I still have not located the oil lamp because I’ve barely been able to do any unpacking in the last few weeks. (There’s a glimpse of why about to go up on my Patreon, lol.) I have been acquiring, purchasing, and commissioning some new shrine stuff and hopefully I’ll have that all in hand in time to show you for Wep Ronpet. But before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s this moon’s message from Bast and Sekhmet:

Conflicts divide your communities right now. You are inundated with pictures of faces. Faces wearing masks, distraught faces, angry faces. Things are being torn down, and that is good. But as difficult as this part is, building back up in the right way will be more difficult still. Sustained action is needed. Do not let the flames die out. Do not let them douse your flame. It burns strong in your hearts; kindle each other.

There is a wide gulf in the middle. It is called apathy. Apathy is a tool of isfet. Joy and anger both are tools of ma’at. Resist joyfully, resist angrily, resist hopefully. Be the light that illuminates words from behind, and casts them against the wall, larger than before. Beware those who would interrupt you or divert your attention. Stay focused on your goals.


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