Holiday Celebration

Our Spring Equinox!

The Spring Equinox itself (ie, the 20th) I didn’t do much except start a spell for a client that required full moon water. The following day, we went out to dinner with family who’d come in town for a business trip and had some time to visit. We went to an Afghani restaurant, and I had ordered a dish with lamb in honor of the season.

On the following Sunday, we had originally planned to take part in a ritual run by a fellow member of Fox and Fungi at our local UU church, but it was a tough week with a few unavoidable late nights and my chronic illness was not being kind. So instead, all we did this year was our little family dinner.

In our hearth cult, the Spring Equinox is Arianrhod’s Feast Day, and last year I shared a prayer I wrote for the occasion. We used that prayer again, and made the same meal, though this year I didn’t dye the eggs, and we managed to get the leeks and garlic all the way mixed in, haha! One of these years I swear I’m going to manage to get it all done on time, and make some Welsh Cakes, too.

I’ll probably need to start more than a day ahead on some of it, but it’s such a busy season! I started a bunch of seedlings in the days between the first quarter and full moon, and I was getting my raised beds all set up for the spring planting I’ll do next month. (We’ve still got a few frosts before it’ll be safe to direct-sow.)

Hopefully you all had a lovely Equinox, whether Spring like here, or Autumn in the southern hemisphere!

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