Celtic Polytheism, Paganism

Crow Folk: Are You Doing the Work?

Hello again, my fellow Crows: warriors, clerics, healers, and witches, we are many things but we have all been called by Na Morrigna to join their legions.  You have heard the call.  You have answered it.  Are you doing the work?

Many of us have self-work to do in preparation for the coming months, and that is good and right.  What skills are you honing? What personal revelations unfolding?  Do you feel your wings grow as you live a life truer to yourself?  You need to be sure of your foundations, because each of us is a stone, supporting the others in our mutual work.  Find and embrace your role in the greater scheme, and embody it as fully as you can. For most of you, the training period is almost over.  By the equinox, you need to be at a transition point: finishing your internal work, and ready to plan external workings.

The equinox is likely to be a more gentle shift, an ombré blending the colors of the early harvest with the late.  We’ll be shifting from interior worlds to the exterior, making plans for Samhain.  Some rituals and workings go well when they are done off the cuff, but this one is too big, too broad, and has too many moving parts to be done that way.  To the furthest extent possible, we need to be working in concert.  Trust Na Morrigna to guide you: ask what you should be doing for Samhain, be it ritual, witchcraft, mundane, or something other.  They know.  They will guide you.  They see the whole pattern, the entire map of the battlefield, too vast and too complex for our consciousness.  Trust, trust, and plan to Do.

For my part, I’ll be gathering with a few friends to have a small ritual at one of their houses.  We are asking Na Morrigna for guidance every step of the way, and we are crafting a ritual that will allow us to serve the best ways we can.  It is not an easy thing to craft a ritual that truly harnesses all the energy raised and sends it towards its target straight and true.  Planning is needed. Rehearsal is needed.  Some things will happen spontaneously during the ritual itself, yes, but the structure must already exist, so that we know, the group knows, what is expected and what our target is.

Find your target.  Figure out what is expected of you.  Make sure that the work you are doing now will lead you to where you need to be.  The autumn winds are stirring, ready to pare back anything extraneous, anything we can do without.  The Wild Hunt is awakening, and change is in the air.  There will be a powerful shift at Samhain, and as of now the outcome is still uncertain.  We can push it.  We must push it.  We will do the work.


[[As a note – I am still offering these readings to anyone who wishes for a little help elucidating their role in all this.]]


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