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Kemetic Bright Moon 7/27

Here is the message from Bast and Sekhmet, on the last full moon of the year (Wep Ronpet, by the local rising of Sirius in Washington, DC, is August 7th):

“Execrate, execrate, execrate! Destroy the dying year, and prepare the way for the coming of the new. Commit to change, commit to fighting your battles, commit to burning brightly and fiercely! Be, yourself, a tiny blazing Sun! You are needed, you are needed, your role may be small but it is necessary. Victory depends on many small parts joining together to accomplish something much larger than any could do alone. Do not despair. Find solace in our hot breath at the side of your neck, urging you forward. We fight beside you! You are never alone. Honor the five Netjeru on their Epagomenal days, and honor all Netjeru on Wep Ronpet. We will see you again in the New Year.”

You can follow along on my tumblr e-shrine as I celebrate the Epagomenal Days and Wep Ronpet, or wait for my recap blog here.


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