Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 6/28

Here is the message from Bast and Sekhmet this time:

As we reach the end of the Kemetic year, it is time to focus on ourselves, on rebalancing, on getting our affairs back in order, on finishing incomplete or procrastinated tasks, and most importantly: on self-care and healing. We can take time now to retreat, and process our emotions. The wheel will keep turning. Better things are coming. There will be more work to do later, but for now we need to rest, to heal, and to prepare for Wep Ronpet, when we will begin anew. Em Hotep.

As a reminder, my local calendar has Wep Ronpet on August 7th. There is one more bright moon before that, but I expect that one to give us instructions for Wep Ronpet itself. Rest until then, lovelies.


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