Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 3/31

Bright Moon Omen

This is the omen I received from Bast and Sekhmet, Eyes of Ra, on the occasion of the full moon of 3/31:

“The time has come to stand up and show the world what you wish to manifest: you need to lead the fight if you wish to see your hopes and dreams fulfilled. Do not cower if you are opposed, but stand firm, for you will be protected by your righteousness. Let the searing light of Truth and Justice cleanse your world by reflecting the power of the Sun. Humans and gods are working together in concert, the actions of each helping the other. Human prayers give strength to the gods, and the power of the gods is lent back to the followers so that isfet can be conquered. Go forth to banish lies and injustice, and know that the Seven Arrows of the Eyes of Ra are with you.”

That’s applicable to a lot of our lives, on a number of scales, starting at the personal level on the small end. In order to manifest what you wish to achieve in your own life, you need to cleanse yourself, too, and not give up so easily. The gods have your back. Good luck, everyone!

The next full moon will be 4/29.


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