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Imbolc 2018

Our Imbolc started on January 30th, with a small gathering of pagan friends on the night of the super blue full moon!  It was beautiful, but alas I did not remember to charge and bring my good camera, so I have no photos.  I shall endeavor not to make that mistake again.

We did a bit of moon gazing, and then did our usual around-in-a-circle sharing what we’d been up to, spiritually and otherwise, since last we all met in thunder, lightning, or in rain. It was too cold this time for us to be outside for long, so no fire to burn offerings in, but we offered Brigid and the Cailleach (our deities of the occasion for this holiday) a scone with some honey whiskey poured over it, on a rock near our host’s front door instead.


I started with this box of blueberry scone mix (gluten free, of course), and added some lavender and lemon peel, and made them with buttermilk instead of whatever the box recommended.  They were pretty tasty!

I do think I really ought to start planning food for the holidays ahead of time, though.  I’d like to create something that the Acorn Sproutling can grow up with as a family tradition.  Scones seem pretty good for Imbolc – but maybe lemon poppyseed instead, with a honey glaze?  Made with buttermilk again, of course!

A few days later, we met another group of pagans at a restaurant for a meet and greet, sort of continuing the season.  On Imbolc proper we did a little bit at home, but not much, because our ritual was last Sunday, with the pagan group at our local UU Church.  That was organized by a woman who was just getting to know Brigid, and it was really heartwarming to see someone dive into the lore surrounding a goddess I’ve come to love.  The ritual itself centered on the participants writing “seeds” of things they wished to manifest on pieces of paper, which were then tied on sticks (to be shared) or tied around one’s neck (to remain secret).  It was quite creative, and the whole thing really brought together a few different strains of Imbolc traditions and lore about the goddess herself.

Now that Imbolc has passed, I expect I’ll begin to really feel the return of the light soon – Spring is almost here!



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