Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 1/31

I do my Kemetic Bright Moon rituals at some point during a 3 day window around the full moon, and this time I started with the omen today (and I will likely get to the requests tomorrow).  The message I received from Bast and Sekhmet this time was:

You cannot achieve the mundane success you seek alone. Isolation will keep you lean and hungry, aggressively going after mere scraps. You need to build what you dream with the help of a community. Turn your abstract goals into concrete steps. It’s only after you share your gifts with your community that you will find that your efforts bear fruit.

That’s good advice for my own Serendipities business ventures, I suppose, but it’s also good advice for anyone who has a Project they’ve yet to be able to turn into something real.  Whether that community is your local neighborhood, your local faith community, or like-minded individuals on the internet, there’s a community out there that has resources and advice that can help you.

If you look back at our first message for this year, which said to wait until the proper time to take action, it now sounds like planning has shifted into high gear, and it’s come time to take our first steps.  We need to build a scaffold for our future goals, and letting other people look at what we’re dreaming is a great way to test those scaffolds before we get too far along to change them easily.  Also, it’s hard to know if there’s a market for your product or support for your idea if you keep it to yourself!  So go ahead, put yourself out there.  Find your community.  Find your niche.


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