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Blessed Samhain!


Baby Land is going well, but Serendipities Land is still taking a backseat – sorry for that.  Every time I think I’ve hit my stride something else happens and I end up not managing to achieve my grand plans.  I still owe you a full length post each for both Wep Ronpet and working our first Grand Healing Ceremony in August, and those I’ll probably backdate (and then link) once I post them, but for now, as the wheel turns to a new year, let’s do a little looking back and looking forward…

Looking Back…


Beltaine was good but we didn’t do much – because baby was born on May 3rd, right on schedule.  Generally speaking, Beltaine is Aine’s day for us, and we lit her a candle and gave a few small offerings, but mostly I just had a baby!

midsummer applesWe had grand plans for Midsummer, of going away to the beach for the weekend, but as you may have guessed, those didn’t quite pan out!  Baby was just over a month old and honestly I didn’t want to do much more than sleep.  We went to the closest body of water that empties into the ocean (a canal that empties into the Potomac River and then the Chesapeake Bay and then the Atlantic), and tossed in two apples, for Manannan and Fand.

Lughnasadh and Wep Ronpet happened the same week as my brother’s wedding, so that whole time is a bit mixed up and I don’t think we took any Lughnasadh pictures… that was Lugh’s day (and Tailtiu’s) for us, and it was probably very informal.  I’ll make a post later for Wep Ronpet, because that caused a major shift in my work with Bast and Sekhmet.

mabonWe did a lot more for the Autumnal Equinox this year, though, and combined it with our secular celebration of Rosh Hashanah.  I made bread (and DIDN’T KILL THE YEAST – kitchen witch level up!!!) and a honey apple cake that will probably be our new tradition for this holiday celebration.  (Recipe and write up available here on tumblr!)  The Autumnal Equinox is Freyr and Freyja’s day, for us, and by association the rest of the Vanir as well.

That brings us up to the present – Samhain!  Though we haven’t yet finished all of our pagan celebration (we did dress up for secular Halloween, though – as Wendy, Smee, and a tiny Captain Hook!) 23004766_10159607608085525_3095417493482045595_o

Looking Forward…

So, my plan (which may well “gang agley”, mind) is to post a short thing every High Day so you all know what we’ve been up to, and also to post a bit more about my own witchcraft and paganism, as well as shop updates and whatnot.  Hopefully at least one post a month, towards the beginning.

Speaking of the shop… I do have a number of decks I need to photograph still (lighting! I need good lighting at the same time that I have time, agh) and hopefully I can get those up soon.  At some point I really ought to get around to writing those deck reviews, and honestly there are a couple of book reviews I could write up, too, maybe starting with the book I’m reading for the Fellowship Beyond the Star book club in January: T. Thorn Coyle’s Evolutionary Witchcraft.  I also have an ogham set now and I’m just now beginning to study that, but hey, maybe I can offer readings with that some time next year!

I have a couple of devotional bracelets I’m still working on the patterns for, but once I finish those (and photograph them), those should be up… at some point.

I’m also thinking of offering tiny wearable spell jars, and I’ve started crocheting granny squares as a physical manifestation of my spellwork – those could be sellable too.  Thoughts?  Any interest?

Anyways, sorry for my long absence, sorry in advance for any upcoming hiatuses, thank you so much for sticking around, and gold star for reading this far.


All My Very Best,



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