Etsy Shop Update

It’s Sacred Space Time Again!

This is going to be a really fast little update, because it’s time for Sacred Space Conference again and we’re in a flurry of activity preparing for it, over here!  It’s always a great time and a great chance to stretch what we know and what we do to even greater heights.  The conference itself is held in Hunt Valley, MD, every March and is hosted by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a group of local Wiccan covens.  They aren’t the only group represented at Sacred Space, however: ADF druids and Troth Heathen Kindreds are well represented, and there are always quite a few solitaries of various paths amongst the attendees.

Sacred Space is also the place that the dream of Serendipities first started to become a reality, so it’s our own little new year in some ways.  Last year, I gave a short overview of all the workshops and rituals I attended and I’m planning on doing the same again this year, so look for that next week after we get back!

The Etsy shop will briefly be on hiatus while we’re away – I’m not shutting it down, but I will be putting up a notice that normal turn around times will be extended.  One more quick Etsy teaser: I’ve acquired a new tarot deck!  And it’s a beauty… stay tuned for a new listing some time this month!


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