Imbolc Divination


This is a tarot reading for Serendipities, based on this Imbolc tarot spread, using my Fantastical Creatures tarot deck.

1.   What is still frozen for Serendipities?

The Empress: The Morrigan.  We are still lacking in creativity, fertility, and bountiful prosperity.

2.   What will help keep us warm and comfortable?

Three of Pentacles: Hobgoblin.  We will need to learn new skills.  When an opportunity presents itself, we should take it.

3.   What clutter needs to be cleared out?

The Magician: Winged Cat.  Too much studying.  Time to put it into practice.

4.   What will the first signs of new growth be, this spring?

Three of Swords, Reversed: Jenny Greenteeth.  The relief of anxiety.

5.   What’s a project that we should begin now?

King of Pentacles: Lord of the Greenwood.  Organizing finances.

6.   A message of inspiration:

The Chariot: Centaurs.  If you sustain your efforts, you will succeed in the end.

These are really brief notes, I realize, but these are my very first impressions, and I’ll be returning to these cards to meditate further on their meanings in the coming days, and in the weeks up to the Equinox, when I plan to do a similar reading for the business.  It seems like solid advice and a good omen, though, so I’m happy with that.  I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful Imbolc!  Gwdihŵ and I are going to a little gathering tomorrow to celebrate more formally, but we’ve been celebrating in small ways at our own altar and hearth since January 31st.  Tomorrow marks the end of our festivities.



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