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Brief Update

Hello All!

I’ve been pretty sick lately and so haven’t updated here, apologies… I’m trying to catch up on things today.  This is going to be a sort of a list-post, so bear with me, okay?

Recently Gwdihŵ and I did another big-and-intense reiki healing session on another friend, but as that one was highly personal and centered around past traumas, we decided it was best not to post about it, even under a psuedonym.  This one was done as a gift to a friend in need, so no barter this time… though I think we have a paying customer in the works, and hopefully it will only take a few paying customers before we can afford our own travel massage table, so we can have people lie down (instead of sitting in comfy chairs).

The biggest thing to report, I suppose, is that we’ve submitted an application to vend Baltimore Faerie Faire this May.  We hope to offer quick reiki treatments and some gemstone jewelry – probably some empath shields (charged lava stone beads) and the like turned into bracelets as well.  If we’re accepted, I’ll need to make a ton of inventory before then, but that should be doable!  So fingers crossed and candles lit and here’s to hoping!

The next thing is sort of an upcoming thing… I have a lot of new pictures to add to the Etsy shop, and some of the listings will be changing, and I’ll be adding a new tarot deck, the Radiant Rider-Waite.  So be on the lookout for that!  I’ll probably make a post with a few pictures here, once I’m done.

And one more teaser: I’ve started crocheting a kokeshi-style Sekhmet icon.  I’ll post pictures and talk about that more once I’ve finished one!  It’s a pretty exciting project, and I think they’ll make create altar pieces if I can do a bunch of different deities – similar to the devotional bracelets.

And speaking of devotional bracelets, the one for Bast is still available in my shop, though I should probably whip up another one as that one sold.  And there’s a Sekhmet one in the works, though I need to get my hands on some tiger’s eye beads in a better shade of brown.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for following along and check back in soon!



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