The Divination Social was a Success!

This past Sunday, I coordinated a Divination Social event, hosted at our local ADF druid grove.  I’d been throwing the idea around for a while, but a little over a month ago I finally had the idea and date approved by the Witan (board of directors).  I thought it would be a great way for all those who practiced divination to learn more about other people’s methods and systems, gain insight into new ways to practice their own methods and systems, and have some practice swapping readings!

About 15 people showed up, ready to learn and chat, which is a small group, but it was a good size for the space, and admittedly it was a few more people than I was expecting!  We started with three short presentations, two from “veteran” Seers, and one from a Seer with a very unique method.  The first one was on tarot – specifically, on the different ways to read (or not read) reversals in tarot.  It was very interesting, and a good presentation even for others who have practiced tarot for a long time, like much of the audience.  The second presentation was on ogham, by a woman who has used primary sources combined with her knowledge of plants and trees to come up with her own version of a tree ogham.  She walked us through her research methodologies, and then gave us the basic meaning of three different ogham.  The third presentation was on an planetary-based version of lithomancy, divination by gemstone casting.  He derives much of the meaning in his readings from the spatial relation of certain stones to a signifier, using the astrological meanings of the planets each stone represents.

Then we had a short food break, and afterwards everyone got out their tools!  For a while we just compared decks, rune sets, reference books, and such, and talked about different methodologies we had or hadn’t tried.  One woman I spoke to said she has done scrying in almost everything: bowls of water, fire, candles, black mirrors, tea cups, you name it.  She’s also read wax drippings in water, and even pumpkin “entrails”!  Another said she’d always meant to try ceromancy (reading the way a candle burns, drips, etc), but hadn’t yet.

After a bit of chitchat, people began doing swap readings for each other, and settled into smaller groups, often with an observer or two commenting on the reading.  Everyone seemed to be polite and helpful, though – I didn’t notice any “Why do you read it like THAT?” shaming like can sometimes happen.  I was so busy flitting around and making sure everyone was settled and asking everyone what all they practiced to do much practicing myself, though I did come away with several good pointers from the conversations I had!  It turns out I’m not the only one who starts simply journeying when I try to scry!  I did however attempt to scry while I was there, and I had some success without it turning into a journey – I got a message from Anubis regarding my upcoming rite to the Eyes of Ra.  I didn’t read anything for anyone else, though!  Still, I had a good time, and I think everyone else did, too.  Several people said we should do these more regularly, at least quarterly!

I’m just glad that my idea panned out, and I thought I’d share my excitement with all of you!

Bright Blessings,



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