Etsy Shop Update

Beads for Devotional Jewelry

Well, I have invested in a number of gemstone bead strands, and are beginning to delve into that wonderful world of devotional jewelry.  It will probably be some time (and a lot of practice and working out kinks) before any of the things I make end up in an Etsy shop, but that is the end goal.  I’m thinking I’ll start with bracelets for the Hallows, the Kindreds, and for gods/goddesses I know personally, and I’ll branch out from there.  I know it will take some time to work out my personal “style”, as well, and I’d like to write brief prayers or meditations for each piece of jewelry, so that’s additional time, too.  On the other hand, that’s a lot of devotional work that I will hopefully eventually be paid for, and that’s the point, of this entire adventure, isn’t it?  To eventually be able to support ourselves by selling spiritual or healing objects, and by offering spiritual or healing services.

IMGP1070Here are the beads I have so far, from the top: rose quartz, onyx, picture jasper, howlite, adventurine, blue lace agate, bronzite, lapis lazuli, golden tiger’s eye, faux larimar, rutilated quartz, freshwater pearls, tree agate, amethyst, red agate, and amazonite.

I need a few more supplies still, but in the meantime I’m beginning to make prototype bracelets on knotted embroidery floss, to see how the different stones look together.

IMGP1094Here’s two tries at a Lunar Year necklace – it’s not long enough if I only use the gemstone beads, but I haven’t decided what kind of spacers I like better, or if I should use one (for the quarter) or two (for the weeks).  The idea is to use 13 onyx and 13 howlite to represent the 13 New Moons and 13 Full Moons in the year.  I may also give up on spacers and use chain if I can find some inexpensively.  I want this to be a piece people will wear in public, even if they’re not publicly pagan, because it’s pretty enough and “normal” enough that no one will look at it twice.

IMGP1099This is a bracelet for Bast!  It’s the perfect length just like this, honestly – all it needs is a clasp and maybe a small charm.  Of course, the embroidery floss isn’t strong enough to stand up to real wear, but hey, I’m still counting this one a success.  I’ll re-string it when I decide which string I’m going to buy for the knotted ones.  (Honestly, stringing material is surprisingly complex, and bracelets in particular have to stand up to a lot.)

IMGP1102This is the beginnings of a bracelet for Fand… only I discovered that my pearls have much tinier holes than the rest of my beads.  In general, however, I think the color scheme is nice, and the crystals work well for her.

Anyways!  It’s an adventure!  And hopefully I’ll have more Serendipities new for you all soon!

Bright Blessings!



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