The Beginning

Hello, world.

This blog is going to document our path to get from dreaming about opening a metaphysical shop, healing center, and cafe, to actually planning and then opening the shop, which we are going to call “Serendipities”.

We’ve just begun, and there is so much left to learn and do.  I don’t have much to say at the moment, besides “Hello!  Here we are!”, so I will leave you with what I wrote earlier this month on the very first page of our planning notebook:

“And so begins our first year of planning.  We begin this notebook so that dreams will become plans, and plans will become reality.  Three years: this is our goal.  Three years of planning and training, and then we open our place.  Part tea shop, part pagan supply store, part healing center.  Our current working title: SERENDIPITIES.”

Please follow this blog if you’d like to see our progress.  There’s a Pinterest already, and a Facebook page is in the works. Hopefully there will be an Etsy shop in the next few months, offering readings and devotional jewelry.  Email us with questions, comments, and especially encouragement.

Bright Blessings!



1 thought on “The Beginning”

  1. Reblogged this on Sacred Liminality and commented:
    Two friends of mine just started this blog as a way to record their progress towards owning a metaphysical shop. Their first step is an Etsy storefront that will sell devotional jewelry and Tarot readings, as well as other nifty things down the line. Please go check them out!


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